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NECEA- Nangabo Environmental Conservation and Economic Empowerment Association is a not for profit community Based Organization(CBO) with the Directorate of Community Based Services (Wakiso District) in 2006.​ ​ It is a membership organisation comprised of residents in Nangabo Sub-County. NECEA works with communities within Wakiso District and beyond.

NECEA Sub-County has a population of 146,400 people as per the 2014 population and housing census. Over 90% of the population directly or indirectly depend on products and services from agriculture, forests, wetlands, etc. The Sub-County still faces several environmental related worrying trends which put economic, environmental and social developments at risk. 

These include soil degradation, deforestation, drainage of wetlands, loss of biodiversity, demographic pressure, poor farming, pollution of water bodies and poor sanitary conditions. The human consequences of degraded natural resources lead to malnourishment, bad health and increased absence from school due to more time collecting water and firewood. NECEA identifies and implements projects aimed at improving livelihoods and environment and conservation.   

Our Vision

NECEA recognizes and strives to promote awareness of the value of our natural environment. We represent people's desires to protect and maintain our region's natural assets and encourage moves towards sustainable systems.

We achieve this by education, research, advocacy and action in cooperation with other community groups, industry, and government.

Our Mission

To use education, partnership, technology and commitment to serve in constructive transformation of the environment.

Our Core Values

  • Partnership In All Our Activities
  • Integrity
  • Transparency & Accountability
  • Recognition of Local Capacity

Our Objctives

  • Promotion of environmentally friendly economic and social practices aimed at reducing ecological imbalances created by environmental degradation.
  • To alleviate poverty through enhanced food security initiatives and sustainable natural resource management.
  • Engaging local groups in activities geared at enhancing peace and good health while conserving the environment.
  • To increase attention to policy challenges through enhanced policy dialogue in support of environment.

Our Partners

  • ADC - Austrian Development Cooperation
  • EDWA: Entebbe District Wildlife Association
  • ITF - International Tree Foundation (UK)
  • Nangabo Sub County Local Council
  • Pollination Fund USA
  • Wakiso District Local Council


Norman Juuko

Founder Member

Norman Juuko is an Agricultural Scientist wih over 20 years in appraising, evaluating Agricultural projects and conducting environmental impact Assessments (E.I.A.).

Douglas Lugumya

Founder Member

Douglas Lugumya is an educationalist by profession actively involved in Environmental issues related to pro diversity conservation and climate change.

Marietta Juko

Founder Member

Marietta Juko is a graduate teacher and secretary with expreience in several administrative positions in Uganda, Kenya and USA and keen interest in farming, particularly horticulture.

Andrew Kayondo

Founder Member

​​Andrew is a graduate teacher with 30 years experience whose teaching experience and leadership exposure provides the necessary synergies in pursuit of the goals of NECEA.

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